National Preparedness Month has Local Officials advocating Fire Safety

FAIRBANKS, Ak - September is National Preparedness Month, and the annual campaign by FEMA is encouraging citizens to take steps in their daily lives to prepare for emergencies.

This year's theme is "Pledge to Prepare: Awareness to Action."  FEMA is asking you to take specific steps to ensure safety in your home.

Measures include making communications plans, build an emergency kit, get involved in preparedness levels in the community and to learn about emergency hazards within the home.

The national campaign coincides with the Interior's transition to the coming winter months.

Local fire officials say we should take extra precautions to ensure our homes are prepared due to the high use of coal and wood fire units that heat our homes and devices that emit CO2 in our homes.

"We slowly are moving out of summer and into our fall and winter months, which is a time when we're going to start turning on our boilers and firing up wood stoves, and what we want people to do is, while we still have the warm weather out there, is to take some steps to go over to make things safe in their home, ... servicing their boiler, cleaning their chimneys for their wood stove, making sure they have properly installed and maintained smoke alarms in their home," says City of Fairbanks Assistant Fire Chief, Ernie Misewicz.