Nanooks face rival Anchoarge this Saturday

FAIRBANKS, Ak-It will be a perfect scenario in the Patty Center this Saturday night for basketball fans. Two hot teams, a sure to be a raucous crowd, and to top it off it's a rivalry game.
The Nanooks will put their six game winning streak on the online against the Seawolves of Anchorage who come winning their last two games.

It's a two versus four matchup of evenly matched teams. There are either one or two spots between them in almost all statistical catergories
Both teams are fourth and fifth in scoring with the edge going to the Nanooks.The Seawolves are a deadly three point shooting team hitting just under 9 threes per game but the Nanooks are third in scoring defense to this point.

That surging defense and the energy in the Patty will be huge factors in the next chapter of this rivalry.

"In this situation you pretty much tune out the rest the league where you sitting how you're doing your just trying to beat rival uaa and that's kind of what we've been doing We got a lot, we gotta rebound so we've been it's a game where you gotta do a lot things right to beat a program real solid," Nanooks head coach Mick Durham said.

For transfere Andrew Kelly who is getting his first tast of this rivalry believes it comes down to senior leadership and simply playing defense.

"Well Dom and Segj are really pushing on us how big the rivalry really is and how important it is for the school and for us, and personally I'm preparing just everyday during practice during the scout import just preaching to the team defense and how were defending because right now anchorage is averaging like 10 through the game and last couple weeks we've been protecting the 3 point line really good so we just preaching defense and stopping the 3 pt shot," Kelly said.

Senior guard Dominique Brinson Saturday night high energy but an important step for this surging Nanook squad.

"We've been preparing for this game for awhile now and I think its just gonna bring us to another  level really everybody's gona be more focused and I think that we're gonna feed of the crowd coming just gonna try and get a god run up and down so it'll be nice."