Nanook ski team eyes March for real success

FAIRBANKS-The Nanooks handled business over the weekend winning the Nordic Cup over UAA for consecutive years. Now they're focus is on the rest of the year. The women won the NCAA Central Region title last year and veterans like redshirt junior Alyson McPhetres and senior Heather Edic look to be examples for the newcomers.

"Heather and I have had a few good races where we've teamed up and cruised to get pretty high spots in some of the races," Mcphetres said. "That's what I'd like to do again is just get to work with this team and you know see if we can have a better team atmosphere and work together better."
Nicole Bathe, one of the freshman who is having a great start to the year is actually teaching the returners some things.
"We have one freshman, Nicole Bathe and she's an excellent double poller so just following her and her technique is really good," Edic said.
For the men they were second place at NCAA regionals last year. This year they aim to time their peak for the NCAA championships.
"We are building on last year knowing that we have the whole NCAA team back again," junior skier Logan Hanneman said. "We know when we peaked last year and how to push that back a little bit more so that come first week of March, you know that's the big one."
Head coach Scott Jerome says his team has plans to be dominant in and outside of the classroom. That along with being at the top of their game by the third month of the year.

"We want to have the best grade point average of all the teams at UAF which our women have done every year for the last five years. Our men need to pick up the slack on that and we want to have the best results possible in March," Jerome said. "We're thinking about the NCAA championships. So two goals-best grades and NCAA Championships. Everything else is you know, superfluous to that."
Next up after the holiday break is the U.S. Nationals on Jan. 4 in Midway, Utah.