Nanook players see their new locker room

FAIRBANKS-The Nanooks had their first practice in the Carlson Center today. The new locker room and surrounding areas are undergoing their final touches.

On the outside of the new facilities on the southeast entrance to the Carlson, the Governor's Cup is on display as well as a collage of Nanooks participating in community service.

This renovation process started a week the season was over earlier this year. The players saw it for the first time last night. After practice today the team is appreciative of their new digs. Sophomore goalie John Keeney was almost speechless when he first saw the new locker room.

"Its unbelievable it's just so nice," Keeney said. "I mean it's more of a motivation to have a great year this year and give back to the program they gave us such a great locker room."
New Nanook freshman left winger Brandon Morley, Tyler's brother, noted that this is something not a lot of teams have.

"We can't take it for granted were pretty fortunate to have that. A lot of people went through a lot of work to give us that so I mean we're happy to have it."
Head coach Dallas Ferguson said likes the new facilities and feels it will help in recruiting. However, one of Ferguson's coaches put things in perspective for the Nooks.

"Coach Ryan Heller said it best you know we still got to block shots and we still got to make plays and we still got to work hard," Ferguson said. "This is just certainly a nice little boost to get the things going here this season."

This facility is under lock and key. I couldn't even get in to see it but you and I will on Tuesday October 15 at 3:30 for the opening ceremony at the Carlson.

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