Moving natural gas ahead.


Alaska Lawmakers are wasting no time getting to business.
Day two of the legislative session... and they are weighing in right away on natural gas.
Representative Mike Hawker and House Speaker Mike Chenault have  prefiled legislation calling on the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation to implement its plan for an in state natural gas pipeline.
AGDC is a public corporation created to develop a plan for an in–state line from the North Slope to tidewater.
Chenault said we have talked about a gas pipeline for years, and can no longer afford to wait.
He said other plans, such as trucking natural gas from the north slope to Fairbanks would be a short term fix, but that several plans are being looked at.
Chenault said "I haven't heard anyone specifically disagree that their shouldn't be a short term type l n g project to Fairbanks. Fairbanks is a lot colder area, a lot more cold days and so they use more fuel to heat their homes,   ive said it before  when theyre paying more money to heat their home than what they do to make a house payment  it should almost be criminal".