Mother and daughter duel highlights WEIO's second day

Submitted 2 years 1 month ago by jcook.

FAIRBANKS-This morning was the start of day two of the 53rd World Eskimo Indian Olympic Games. The first event was the Eskimo stick pull event where competitors sit on the floor for a mini tug of war and who ever holds on wins.

The Carlson Center was intrigued for a rematch in the women's division. Mandy Sullivan and Aizah Sullivan faced each other in the finals for the third straight year. It was another mother and daughter faceoff. Aizah won it last year but Mandy the mom, had the upper hand in 2014 winning the stick pull event.

"She knows I'm not going to give up on her. I know she's not going to give in because I'm an elderly person and because of it we walk away feeling really good about how we've placed on that. That gives us an opportunity to look back on it and ask next year where is going to go," Mandy said.

Matthew Sido Evans of Fairbanks won the men's division going undefeated and outpulled Stanley Suetzoff in the final.

"I used to win a lot back in the day and then my buddy Stan who I just beat started winning for like the past four or five years. So it was pretty exciting finally beating him," Evans said.

This afternoon the greased pole walk event took place right outside the Carlson as athletes tried their best to maneuver down a log covered in Crisco. It's definitely not easy but Marjorie Tahbone made it the furthest for the women and Sam Strange managed to get all the way down the log to win his first greased pole walk title going 138 and a half inches.

"Definitely balance there's no question, another thing you could say is definitely curling your feet around to get more surface on there, but it truly is balance," Strange said.