Mother of 2002 murder victim Mahagony Davis speaks out

After recent developments in the case of the Fairbanks Four, another murder victim's mother is speaking out.

Today the Newscenter spoke to the mother of 2002 murder victim Mahogany Davis.

Davis, mother to William Holmes' son and ex-girlfriend, was fatally stabbed inside her apartment, her case still unsolved.

This week documents filed claim a murder confession by William Holmes was made as early as 2011 in the Fairbanks 4 case.

The jail house confession to a Department of Corrections officer in California was given to Fairbanks Police Department who, documents claim, failed to act on.

Holmes, a Lathrop High School graduate, is serving a prison sentence for the murder of two other men.

Rhonda Davis says she believes Holmes is involved in her daughter's murder.

"If they would have paid attention to what those witnesses were saying, if they would have paid attention to what those boys were saying, they would have at least found the right person and my daughter would still be here. And that other girl that died.”

She went on to say, “To me.... His confession is true."

The Newscenter will have more on the cold case of Mahagony Davis during the Fairbanks Evening News and Newscenter Final.