Morris Thompson receives big donation

The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center was built in 2009 to inspire residents and visitors to get out and explore the interior and Arctic Alaska.

Today at the weekly Chamber luncheon, the final funds to cover the 29.3 million dollar price tag for the construction of the center were covered.

Pogo Mine and Kinross Mine together combined to give checks to the Morris Thompson Center of 87,000 dollars.

The money received today will be applied toward constructing a topographical map of Alaska that will greet visitors when they walk in to the center.

Executive Director for the center Cindy Schumaker says these two mining giants have rallied to help the Cultural center.

The gift we received today from Kinross and Pogo is a fulfillment of a pledge they mad last summer when they started the mining match.

We needed just a 175,000 to complete the campaign, and they said if you could raise half then we will match the final, and help you reach your 175,000 to reach your campaign."