More reports of issues within the 2014 Tanana Valley State Fair

FAIRBANKS- More reports of issues within the 2014 Tanana Valley State Fair.

Numerous vendors say they received letters similar to that of a non-compete warning from management of the fair.

The letters allegedly warned vendors, some of who have participated in the fair for years, that if they participated in the “Summer Spectacular at Ice Alaska” they would be dropped from the 2014 TVSF roster.

The letter further stated those vendors that choose to participate in the carnival at Ice Alaska would lose their grandfather rights to the fair and be considered a first time vendor when and if they re-applied.

Another change making waves at the fair is the reported loss of summer youth jobs.

In previous years, fair management has hired local youth for grounds crew jobs including mowing, tent set up, and more; this year, youth will apparently not have that opportunity.

Reportedly, in an effort to cut back on spending, a contractor service will be brought in with a small crew to take care of those jobs.

The fair has faced two lawsuits in the last year - one from its former carnival provider Golden Wheel Amusements, and most recently from local restaurant Lavelle’s Bistro.

General Manager of the Tanana Valley State Fair Joyce Whitehorn released a statement via email regarding the most recent lawsuit to which she said, “What else would you do but press forward with the 2014 fair??”