More power outages reported

Golden Valley Electric estimates 4,500 members are experiencing power outages due to high winds, trees in power lines and equipment failure.

Several line crews are working in the field and more have been called in to assist.

The major areas affected by these outages are North Pole (Dawson Road) and the eastern side of Farmers Loop Road.

The cooperative advises members to unplug their sensitive electronic equipment.

If you see a tree in a power line, stay back and do not attempt to remove it. Let us know about it via email:

Allen Gray, Power Systems Manager, said “Please provide a name, address, phone number and specific information about the tree. For example, is the tree in the main line or your service drop (the line connecting your house to GVEA’s system)?”

Updates on the status of the outage are available at the GVEA website: and Facebook: