More meetings of the Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility.


More public meetings yesterday with the newly formed Board of Directors for the Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility.
Giving a presentation before the Board, Fairbanks Natural Gas CEO Dan Britton.
FNG is being asked to be one of the major players in the Borough's quest to truck cheap gas to Fairbanks.
Recently the entity announced that Pentex Alaska Natural Gas company and its subsidiaries have submitted a comprehensive response packet to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority in regard to interest of a North Slope Liquefied Natural Gas Plant.
Pentex Alaska Natural Gas Company controls both Fairbanks Natural Gas and Polar LNG.
Reached for comment, Board Chairman Bob Shefchik says all offers are getting their collective "ear," and the time to put a definitive plan into action is long overdue.
 He told us "At the end of the day, it's the cost to the homeowner. You're looking at from $4,000 to $6,000 a year for home heating costs right now at $4 a gallon diesel and it is killing the community. And so to look to get to $15 equivalent or less of gas is $2 diesel. And that is our goal and it's to reach as many people in the borough as quickly as possible."
Officials with Pentex say their proposal provides opportunity for a public–private partnership between Pentex and the State, which ultimately will result in abundant, lower cost natural gas and propane to the Interior.
They say their proposal is turn–key and addresses acquisition, liquefaction, transportation, storage and disbursement of natural gas and could lead to gas rates, ultimately, priced down to 13 dollars per thousand cubic feet.