More evidence issues in Alexander murder-exoneration case

FAIRBANKS- More evidence issues in a murder conviction now over 20 years old.

Michael Alexander, who is currently serving a 198 year prison term, was convicted in 1988 for the murder of then 17–year–old West Valley High School Student Kathy Stockholm.

The Alaska Innocence Project filed for post–conviction relief, claiming the evidence used to convict Alexander was circumstantial, and he was innocent of the crime.

A point of contention in the filing has been the inability to locate the actual evidence used to convict Alexander.

Today, it was revealed that hairs sent to the lab for DNA testing turned out to be animal hairs and other fibers, not actual human hair samples.

Bill Oberly with the Innocence Project stated he discovered that fact in an email.

He went on to tell the court that there were 144 pieces of evidence that the FBI boxed up and sent back to the Alaska State Troopers – much of which is still missing.

Oberly also pointed out that the State Crime Lab still has not completed testing on other biological evidence that had been estimated to be done in 30 days; that deadline has now passed.

Another hearing in the case was set today for September.