More discussions of Eielson Air Force Base's future


Another meeting of the so called Tiger Team was held this morning at the borough building.

Local officials heard answers to some of the questions asked last time, and had more questions to ask.

The discussion concerns the air force plan to move the F–16 fighter jets from Eielson to Anchorage.

General Mark McLeod said his teams job is to put together information for the decision makers.

Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins said he's glad to have the dialogue with officials instead of getting answers in an email.

General McLeod said "We will preserve the missions that remain on Eielson that are detailed in the report, the contingency support capabilities of the location and then we need to make a determination on what happens to the additional facilities, either A, they can be repurposed, they can be consolidated or they can be demolished."

Mayor Hopkins said, "It's frustrating, but if we had the one document and they said this is all of our information that would probably be more frustrating. To be able to ask these questions and keep raising our questions as we heard today. We are able to have a dialogue and point out to them rather than by individual letters waiting for responses."