More details in the study of Eielson's future


In the continuing push and pull over Eielson, A U.S. Air Force study says a tight housing market in Anchorage over the next two years ``significantly limits'' the number of rental units that could accommodate additional military families.

The study is part of an Air Force analysis of the impact of moving the F–16 fighter jets from Eielson Air Force Base here in Fairbanks to Joint Base Elmendorf– Richardson in Anchorage.

Sen. Mark Begich received a copy of the study Tuesday, and said it validates concerns he and others have raised about any move.

He says the study will be part of a larger decision document that is expected to be released later.

But he says this is a big piece.

The military has proposed moving the fighter jets as part of an effort that would supposedly save up to $200 million.