More details on last weekend's explosion


According to records on file with the Alaska Court System, Alaska State Troopers had opened at least 13 cases related to complaints about the property owned by local dentist Craig O–Donoghue.
In the most recent, and most forceful explosion, troopers say 54–year old chiropractor Guy Christopher Mannino ignited a blast that was powerful enough to register seismic activity at the Alaska Earthquake Information Center on the UAF Campus.
An un–named informant working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also said Mannino "bragged about the explosion".
The informant is said to have taken a cellphone picture that indicated as much as THREE HUNDRED pounds of explosives were used.
Records state that Mannino had faced charges for his activities at O'Donoghue's range before, but state prosecutors dismissed them.
They also say he has a past history of what records termed "erratic" behavior against law enforcement as well.
Mannino was arrested early Wednesday at Fairbanks International Airport as he was about to board an airplane.
When he was apprehended, Troopers say he was "carrying a large amount of firearms, gold and cash.
Mannino is charged with a single count of Third Degree Criminal Mischief, a Felony offense.
Troopers say their investigation into the matter continues.