More delays in a 2011 stabbing case.

Defense motions are keeping a 2011 Attempted Murder trial from moving forward.

39-year old Daniel Vischansky is charged with First Degree Attempted Murder and Evidence Tampering.

Trial in his case had been set to begin on Monday, but date has now been set off until early May.

State Troopers say the alleged victim was stabbed after an apparent altercation in mid-November, 2011.

The victim is said to have told authorities that Vischansky stabbed him multiple times with a 10-inch knife.

After he was able to wrestle the knife away, Vischansky is said to have brandished a pocket knife, and said he

would "have to kill him so he would not have to go to jail."

The victim is said to have told Troopers he begged for his life, telling Vischansky he "would not tell anyone of the the

assault if his life were spared."

Vischansky faces a maximum 99 years in jail if he is convicted.