Moose Federation provides food for Galena

The Moose for Galena Project made a significant shipment with the help from a local bush airline company.

Everts Air Cargo volunteered to transfer 2,000 pounds of moose meat collected by the Alaska Moose Federations' salvage program to the village of Galena.

“This is the perfect donation by Everts and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” said Executive Director of the Alaska Moose Federation Gary Olson.

Galena lost 17 tons of fish, moose, duck, and other wild game to the Spring Floods of 2013.

The shipment is scheduled to arrive in Galena tonight (Tuesday) just in time as the Village recently used up the last of their supply.

“They ran out of food about four days ago with the last moose being served to the village,” Olson added.

The Moose for Galena project is sponsored by the Alaska Moose Federation, Alaska Village Initiatives, local businesses, and Churches.