Mitch Seavey wins the Iditarod

NOME, Ak-Last night at 10:39 the winner of the Iditarod crossed the Nome finish line. Mitch Seavey is the 2013 Iditarod champion.

Seavy, 53, is the oldest musher to win the 1,049 mile dogsled race and adds to his 2004 Iditarod title. Seavey is also the father of last year's winner Dallas Seavey. Dallas was the youngest to win the Iditarod at 25 years old. For the Seaveys age doesn't mean a thing on trail. Mitch Seavey wins 50,400 dollars and a new Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Aily Zurkle came in second place again for the second straight year just 24 minutes behind. Jeff King, a former four time Iditarod champ, came in third followed by the Dallas Seavey and Ray Redington Jr. placed fifth. Nicolas Petit was sixth, Joar Ulsom of Norway was the top rookie finishing in seventh, Jake Berkowitz was eighth, Sonny Lindner in ninth, and Lance Mackey finished in 19th place.