Miller wins two titles at State BMX championships

FAIRBANKS-Another event transpired over the weekend. The State Championships in Bmx at the Far North BMX track.
It was a triple points race. There were 12 motos for the state finals with ages ranging from five to over 30.

Russell Miller came away with two state titles on Saturday winning the Cruisers 12-38 division and the Boys intermediate and Expert 12 year old division.

For the girls Kristy Miller, who is the points leader for girls 6 and 7 age division, came in second to Carsen Dechambeau in the finals. Dechambeau is second to Miller in the points standings.

Lacey Worral-Edie won the girls 8-10 state title. Eric Engman, you may see him snapping pictures for the Newsminer is the Cruiser Older Class state champ.
Bode Woodman is your boys 5-6 state titlist. Henry Rayburn won the sixth moto for the novice 7 year olds state title. Kawaiola Patterson won the 8 year old boys division. Patrick McKee won the 9 year old boys state title.

In moto nine Gage Horne won the boys 10-12 championship which was the deepest field with 5 bmxers. Elias Engman came away with the boys intermediate 6-8 year old title.
Lastly, Elijah Woodman won the 9-11 intermediate state title in Moto 11.

Below are the complete results.

State championship Final Race Results  Saturday Aug 17


Moto #1 Girls ages 6-7

  1. Carsen Dechambeau
  2. Kristy Miller
  3. Morgan Schutte
  4. Sadie Richert


Moto#2 Girls ages 8-10

  1.  Lacey Worral-Edie
  2. Leila Eagle
  3. Caitlyn Berrian

Moto#3 Cruiser class 12-38

  1.  Russell Miller
  2. Carl Heim
  3. Amy Hughes

Moto#4 Cruiser Older class

  1.  Eric Engman
  2. Michael Wright
  3. Karen Miller

Moto#5 Boys Novice 5-6yr

  1.  Bode Woodman
  2. Wylie Rocheleau
  3. Alden Forcier

Moto#6 Boys Novice 7yr old

  1.  Henry Rayburn
  2. Daniel Forcier
  3. Jack Babcock

Moto#7 Boys Novice 8 yr old

  1.  Kawaiola Patterson
  2. Aidan Anderson
  3. Adrian Leonelli

Moto#8 Boys Novice 9yr old

  1.  Patrick McKee
  2. Kaeo Patterson
  3. Logan Heim

Moto#9 Boys 10-12yr novice

  1.  Gage Horne
  2. Tristan Mead
  3. Khalil Turner
  4. Drake Berrian
  5. William Barfield

Moto #10 Boys Intermediate 6-8 yr old

  1.  Elias Engman
  2. Mavric Boese
  3. Remy Daravivanh

Moto#11 Boys Intermediate 9-11yr old

  1.  Elijah Woodman
  2. Silas Hughes
  3. Brett Allen

Moto#12 Boys intermediate / Expert 12yr old

  1.  Russell Miller
  2. Alex Schutte
  3. Amy Hughes
  4. Chase Glenn