Midnight Sun Tennis Tournament starts today

FAIRBANKS, AK-Now here's another Midnight Sun sports event.The Midnight Sun Tennis Tournament starts tonight and runs through the weekend. The matches are at the Dan Ramras Community Tennis Courts beside Lathrop High School.

A few local tennis players were out there yesterday practicing for the upcoming tournament. For the Fairbanks tennis community this is a great time of year for the sport and the Midnight Sun tournament is a prime opportunity for people to have fun with a sport that tennis enthusiasts say all people can be a part of. Even Channel 11? Local tennis coach Milo Griffin has issued a challenge.

"I'm thinking that we should have a media tournament. All the different channels should be teams together and put on their t-shirts and come out and compete and play a doubles match against each other for the fun of the community," Griffin said.

One local tennis player says it's all about coming together to play a game people love.

"Well it's great. You know, we all come out in the summer time and really enjoy playing tennis together and the tournaments really brings us together as a community both the juniors and the adults," Cori Anthony said.