Meeting to be held tomorrow about School District Cuts

Fairbanks- As the school district finalizes their operating budget for next school year, officials say one thing is certain; class sizes will get bigger.

The School District is facing a budget cut of nearly 8 million dollars for the 2014-2015 school years.

This cut could affect between 50 to 70 teachers positions in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.

A public meeting will be held tomorrow evening at Ryan Middle School to better inform the public on the budget issues facing the District and how this could affect their classrooms.

Superintendent Pete Lewis says, it will be a blow felt be all in the District, "It obviously will raise class size and for those 50 to 70 teachers that are involved it is traumatic for them and for their families. And for the other teachers that have to pick up the extra load it makes a difference in terms of the overall quality of education we can provide.”

Lewis went on to say, “We need to continue to make sure we have strong public schools in Fairbanks. That has been a history and a tradition in this community and we would like to see that continue and unfortunately our cuts are going to go deep and they are going to affect the classroom and that is a major concern for us."

Lewis also said that if the cuts do occur it will be the largest teacher lay-off he has seen in his years with the District.

He said it is important to attend the public meeting to get the most up -to-date information on the budget situation.