Meet 94 year-old snow machine racer Urban Rahoi

FAIRBANKS, Ak-Earlier today I had the privilege of meeting a man who exemplies the phrase forever young. He participates in the Tired Iron Jurassic Classic and will be racing again this year. Urban Rahoi, an air force veteran, races vintage snow machines that go about 30 miles per hour.

But Urban is an advanced 94 years old. I caught up with him and his 1965 Polaris to find out keeps him going.

"And this year will be my third or fourth year on this Tired Iron. Gives me something to do in my old age. These kids got me interested more than anything else, so they're racing so they got me to start racing too. It's a little fun. You got a bunch of old people but you got these young kids they like to come out and beat us," Rahoi said.

He son Gene helps his father race and also races in the Tired Iron in the family fun class. In fact Gene's grandson is 5 and they will start racing him in the upcoming race if they can but definitely next year. That's four generations of Rahois racing together at the same time. Gene reflects on his father's passion for racing as Urban sits in his 1965 refurbished Polaris.

"I'm 46 and when I was a young child wathcing my father running around and racing people back then, I rememember he was racing across the lake with the someone back then and in 1965 when this sled was brand new he wasn't exactly young back then. But watching him go now it's just-it's just amazing. I mean, you know, how many people are out there at that age still running around and I think he'll set the record again this year at 94 for being the oldest person to run."

Mr. Urban found his 1965 Polaris in Marquette, Mich and plans to race next year as well. Oh and on his down time, he still flies planes. I hope I can be that active if I become that ol-well, seasoned.