Mauling Victim was Too Close

As we reported on Saturday, a large male grizzly bear killed a solo backpacker inside Denali National Park and Preserve on Friday, the first fatal mauling recorded in the park's 95–year history.

Authorities identified the man as 49–year old Richard White of San Diego.

White's remains and the bear were found Saturday near the Toklat Rest Stop.

Alaska State Troopers shot and killed the bear when they made contact with it.

National Park Service officials say White was taking pictures of the bear when it attacked.

They say date–stamped photos on the victim's camera show a period of eight minutes during which the bear and the victim drew increasingly closer to each other.

The photos show White walked within 50 feet of the bear, far less than the quarter–mile buffer required by park rules.

Investigators confirmed that White had received safety training and would have known the rule.

A necropsy on the bear, performed Saturday night, and photos from the victim's camera, confirmed that it was that particular bear that killed White.