Man's run through the Americas stops in the Interior

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FAIRBANKS-Here's a story about a man attempting to run from the northern most road in North America to the southernmost road in South America by foot. His epic journey recently passed through Interior.

Forrest Gump would be proud of what Steve Petrucci is doing. Gump run across the country in the 1994 film. But Petrucci is attempting run 14,000 miles from the northern most road in Deadhorse, Alaska to the most southern road in South America which is in Ushuaia, Argentina. His journey recently came through the Fairbanks/North Pole area. Why is this 57 year old from Seattle doing this?

"Why?," Petrucci asked. "Because I like to run and it gives me an opportunity to help other people."

Petrucci is running to raise awareness and money for not just his journey but for Doctors Without A Borders. A non-profit organization that gives medical care to people all over the globe in response to natural and man-made disasters, armed conflicts and epidemics. He came up with the run 10 years ago after his first marathon and has been training for this journey for two years.

"Trying to do something that hasn't really been done before even though one other person has done something pretty close to it, an Australian runner but no American has done it," Petrucci said. "So it's kind of that explorer's bent to it."

Petrucci and other volunteers are helping him document his run through live streaming and social media. He runs about 30-35 miles a day and hopes to finish is 14,000 mile run in a year's time. Petrucci has been called crazy by those close to him but there is message to his alleged madness.

"We're all really connected. If it's nothing more than just a small sliver of road that connects the top of world to the bottom of the world we're not that far apart. If one person can run it in a year then we're not really all that different no matter where we live."

If you want to donate or find out how to help Pertrucci's Roads End Run and Doctors Without Borders visit--