Man re-sentenced in court for continued sexual abuse

Sentencing was held this afternoon for a former school bus driver convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl over a period of 7 years.

Joseph Turney was originally convicted of the 20 counts associated with the continued sexual abuse of his daughter to 50 years in prison.

Today due to an appeal, he was re-sentenced in front of Judge Lyle to 41 years in prison.

Opening arguments from Prosecution said Turney assaulted the woman "hundreds if not thousands of times" further resulting in a forced pregnancy and baby born to the then 14 year old with special needs.

Turney's parent's, who have supported him throughout the years of this case spoke, asking the Judge for leniency.

Judge Lyle stated the case was "egregious" noting the continued abuse and the continued hardships faced by the victim, who has to raise a special needs child who the Judge said would someday learn the man she called her Grandfather, is actually her father.

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