Man pleads 'not guilty' in Fairbanks heroin case

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) _ A man charged with dealing heroin and laundering money in Fairbanks has pleaded not guilty.

AP reports Peter Maurin Thornton entered the plea Friday during his arraignment.

A federal grand jury in June charged the 58-year-old Thornton with two felony counts related to drug dealing and seven felony counts of laundering cash between states. Thornton was arrested in Washington state in July.

According to the indictment, Thornton and others conspired to possess a kilogram of heroin in Alaska.

Thornton allegedly made a financial transaction with drug money, and then laundered money through six bank deposits in Alaska totaling $11,870.

Prosecutors say the alleged drug dealing occurred in or around Fairbanks.

Thornton's trial is set for October. Thornton's attorney declined to comment.