Man pleads not guilty to attempted murder in shooting

A man accused of attempted murder after firing shots into a Fairbanks residence pleaded not guilty in Fairbanks Superior Court today.

31-year-old Christopher Williams is also charged with 2nd degree weapons misconduct, first degree burglary, and theft in relation to the incident.

Documents say Williams had gone to the residence angry over a bad check that the victim, Todd Shriver had cashed.

The two allegedly knew each other from serving in the Army together.

Williams then brandished a firearm in the entryway, after Shriver shut the door he reported hearing "pops" and glass breaking inside his apartment.

Police found shell casings at the scene and also found bullets inside the home that had struck the front door where Shriver was standing and others that had gone completely through the exterior walls, through the living room, and into the restroom.

Trial in his case is set for July.