Man connected to 2012 DUI double fatality incident decides against trial, scheduled to accept plea deal.

A 32 year old local man, who State Troopers say was legally drunk when he crashed his pickup head-on into a small sedan over a year ago, killing two people and seriously injuring two

others, has decided against a trial by jury, and will accept a plea deal from state prosecutors next week.

Paul Augustus Kirsteatter is charged with two counts of Second Degree Murder, two counts of First Degree Assault, and DUI connected to a fatal crash that occurred during the early morning

hours of April 7 2012 on Nordale Road.

According to the Alaska Court System website, the "Change of Plea" hearing is set for Tuesday afternoon in front of Superior Court Judge Michael MacDonald.

Kirsteatter had been scheduled to begin trial proceedings in his case next week, before deciding against that.

Troopers say Kirsteatter "smelled strong of alcohol, and had red, watery eyes" shortly after they say he drove his Ford F-250 pickup into the path of a Dodge Neon sedan on Nordale near the

Little Chena River Bridge.

The driver of the small sedan, Colton Fettig, 22, of Corvallis, Oregon, and a passenger, Jordan Boggs, also 22, of North Pole were killed in the crash.

Two other passengers in the Neon, Fairbanks residents Hannah Gustafson and Gerald Noy, were both seriously injured.

Kirsteatter was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital with injuries as well.

By the time he was discharged, a four-hour window had closed between the time of the crash and the time of a breath test.

Although troopers did not take a breath test, a sample of Kirsteatter's blood was taken as evidence.

It's not known what charges Kirsteatter will plead to, or possible jail time he may receive in the case.

News Center 11 will have more on this story as information becomes available.