Man accused of stalking ex-girlfriend given two year sentence.

A 29 year old Fairbanks man, with an extended history of domestic assault and violating protective orders, was given a 2 year jail term on reduced charges.

Jerome Benjamin Semaken had been scheduled to begin trial proceedings Tuesday morning on Felony Stalking and other charges.

Semaken instead going any further in the case, pleading guilty to a single count of Felony Assault in the Third Degree.

The more serious Stalking charge was dismissed.

Authorities say Semaken left voice mail messages for the woman from January 21 until February 2, 2012, and called the victims work phone approximately 69 times.

The messages, according to authorities, came from a number listed to Semaken.

The woman gave police a recording of the messages.

In some of the messages, Semaken threatened to kick in the woman's door, and kill everyone inside the residence, including the woman herself.

Semaken remained silent throughout Tuesday's hearing.

His court-appointed Public Defender Eve Soutier says her client "struggled through the breakup with the victim, but he (Semaken) has now moved on."

Superior Court Judge Douglas Blankenship offered his comments on the case, one he called "troubling," and to Semaken himself.

"You obviously have no respect for the victim in this case, or for the law," said Blankenship. "That has to change, or you will spend more time than two years in jail."