Man accused of shooting at state trooper

Saturday, state troopers received a report that a man with a gun was standing beside the Sterling Highway near mile 55.
As the responding Trooper arrived at about 2:40 pm, the man shot at the officer with a pistol.
The trooper returned fire with his handgun.
No one was hurt, and the suspect was ultimately taken into custody.
He was identified as 30 year old Timothy J. Lange of Anchorage.

He was jailed at the Wildwood Correctional Facility on charges of attempted first degree murder, felony and misdemeanor assault, reckless endangerment, misconduct involving weapons and resisting arrest.

As a matter of policy, the name of the Trooper involved in the event will not be released for 72 hours.

The incident is being investigated by the Alaska Bureau of Investigation and the report will be reviewed by the
Department of Law's Office of Special Prosecution and Appeals.