Make A Wish Foundation will hold Air Miles drive tomorrow

Tomorrow Make a Wish Foundation will be holding a fundraiser to raise air miles.

Make a Wish will partner with our sister station, KTUU in Anchorage.

One special Fairbanks boy who received his wish to go to Disney World Ricky lost his eye to cancer, but is today a healthy young man helping others to get their wishes granted.

Many of the wishes received by the foundation involve travel and donating miles helps to send the kids to the experiences they dream of.

Airline miles never expire for Make-A-Wish, and a donation of miles is just as good as cash.

This year, Make-A-Wish Alaska is calling for 1.5 million miles to send Alaskan kids battling life threatening medical conditions on their wishes.

The mother of Ricky, Nicole Davidge spoke to the Newscenter about the foundation and what they did for her family, “"Rick was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer in children when he was 4 years old. I think going through it is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. And then to get to do something really fun in the end and put that behind you and take that next step forward in life makes it all worthwhile."

To donate airline miles, individuals can call 907-258-9474 or 1-877-510-9474. On April 23rd, the day of the event, you can call 907-563-9474, and volunteers will be waiting by the phones for your call.

For those who don't have airline miles to give, you can still donate $5 to Make-A-Wish Alaska by texting WISHES to 80088 between April 22 and 29.