Major search and rescue exercise near Fort Greely

A major exercise between the U.S. and Canada was conducted recently near Fort Greely.

This Search and rescue exercise increases the collective interoperability between U.S. and Canada, ensuring that they can carry out their collective mission to conduct operations in the Arctic and surrounding areas.

The exercise involved the simulated crash of a plane carrying American and Canadian military.

The first step is getting the para rescue medics on scene to take care of the injured.


Greg Smit of Canadian search and rescue said "Its extremely important that we have and once we get the pjs and the sartecs in its extremely important that we have both US Army and Canadian army would come in with major disaster equipment to get these folks out of the environment keep them warm, keep them stabilized get some helicopters up here start flying these folkls out so."


Conducting the exercises means when a real emergency occurs they can come together on short notice knowing how both sides work.


Eric Bleakney of Northcom said "Our relationship with the Canadians has been phenomenal and this is also a partnership between the sar players, the search and rescue players have worked together for many years conducted anywhere from we conduct a range of search and rescue anywhere from routine search and rescue to mass rescue operations to catastrophic incicdent search and rescue. This is just one other method where we're able to practice our partnerships and improve them."



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