Major General Michael X. Garrett addresses alcohol ban in the Barracks

This afternoon at the PFC gym on Fort Wainwright members of the Fairbanks Community and soldiers gathered to celebrate Black History Month. The gym was filled with soldiers from across Fort Wainwright and representatives from Governor Sean Parnell's office and Senator Mark Begich's office as well.

The USARAK Commanding General took the time he had on the podium to not only express the importance of equality in the Army and in America, but he touched on some controversial issues USARAK has been facing.

These include Sequestration and the death of a soldier in the barracks due to the combination of alcohol and firearms; which ultimately led to the ban on any alcohol in the barracks under USARAK command. 

The General of USARAK stated to those in attendance, "I talked to the parents of the Soldier that was killed in our barracks and you know what was interesting, that mother, she was completely prepared for her only son to die in combat. But, neither she or her husband were prepared for him to die in his barracks. If this is a thing that you choose to fight over, your ability to drink then we got problems. But it's already having the impact that I wanted because you're talking about it."