Long standing Fairbanks Principal announces retirement

Long standing Fairbanks educator and Denali Elementary Principal Tim Doran has announced he will be retiring after this year; his decision he says, was just made this week.

Doran says, “The kids come up to me and ask why, and I don’t really have an answer except, it’s just time.”

He is one of the longest standing Principals in the school district and has been with Denali Elementary for most of his career.

23-years he has called Denali Elementary his professional home and he says he’s enjoyed every moment of it, “I’ve been in education for 51 years and I’ve had 1 summer off,” he joked.

Out of all of the things he will leave behind, he will miss watching his kids grow and learn the most, but Doran and his family plan to stay in the area and will watch them grow from retirement.

“The Fairbanks community has taught me a tremendous amount” Doran said, “I think they have made me a better person.”