Lone witness to local homicide speaks out.

The lone witness to a recent homicide in Fairbanks has broken her silence, saying the murder of her partner was "cold blooded."

In an exclusive television interview, Carol Halley says accused killer Anthony Wayne Charleston "took everything" when he shot

59-year old David Schei to death on March 12th.

"I have no life," said Halley, who spoke to Reporter Darryl Lewis at an undisclosed location in Fairbanks on Friday.

"David was my life.  I'm lost. "Tony" Charleston took everything when he killed David."

The 50-year old Charleston is charged with Second Degree Murder, and remains housed at the Fairbanks Correctional Center

under a "no bail" status.  Trial in his case is set for the week of May 27th.

According to Alaska State Troopers, Schei was shot multiple times by Charleston after an apparent altercation, but those claims

were refuted by Halley.

"There was no fight," said Halley. "It was cold blooded murder."

Halley, who admits she suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder, and who is legally blind, says she did not witness the actual shooting, but was inside the residence

when it took place.

"I went outside after I saw Mr. Charleston leave the driveway.  I put a blanket over David and hoped for the best.  I think he was dead at that point, but no one

would tell whether he was or not until after we got to the hospital."

Halley says despite her personal issues she intends to see justice served.

"I'm the only person left speaking for him (David Schei)," said Halley.  "I am the reason why they indicted Tony Charleston.  And I'm planning to keep my head

together enough to fight and make sure the man gets the time he deserves."

During an arraignment hearing last Tuesday, Charleston pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

If convicted he faces a maximum 99 year prison sentence.