Lockdown Drill is Educational for Staff and Students


The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District participated in a large scale, District wide Lockdown Drill yesterday afternoon.
District officials say lockdowns can be an effective way to keep students and staff safe during a dangerous situation.
The district wide drill allowed school officials to experience coordinated radio communication in addition to practice emergency protocols at the individual schools.
In addition, each school has a crisis plan, specific to that schools needs.
Yesterday at West Valley, principal Shaun Kraska said this drill was unique, due to the presence of students.
She told Newscenter 11 "We have never had a practice lockdown drill with students in place.  We've actually had to go into Code Red maybe once in the last five years, but it's important to practice what we expect students to do and what we expect staff to do, so this was successful.  I was very pleased with, A: the brevity of the time period, even though it felt like forever.  It was a good succinct amount of time for a building this size.
West Valley Senior Emma O'Connor told us "It was kind of scary because it could have been real, there could have been someone in the building that was dangerous, so it was kind of surprising and it kind of just brought everyone to attention in making them realize that this could happen."