Local racing and mud bogging season is winding down

FAIRBANKS-There just a few more weeks in the racing and mud bogging season in the Interior. There are 5 races left at the Mitchell Raceway and just three left at the North Pole Speedway. But the Interior Racing Association mud bogs just had their state championship at the Tanana Valley State and this Sunday there will more mud bogging. Parish racing mud bogging.

The event starts at 1 pm and gates open at 11:30 am at the North Pole Speedway on 9 mile Badger Road. You'll see everything from snow machines and ATVs to 5 classes of trucks going through mud and sludge.

Some of the favorites include the Heineken's with Dirty Thrills and Tundra Terror. Diane Parish in the Wicked One and Robert Herman who drives a diesel Excursion with 65 inch tires.

Today I caught up with five year local race announcer Sean Farris about this Sunday's mud bog event. Farris explained all the classes that spectators will get a chance to see this Sunday.

"We have six classes of vehicles that we run. ATVs, snowmachines, class one trucks which are classified as four to six cylinder trucks. Class two trucks are our small block trucks up to 371 cubic inches. Class 3 trucks are our big block trucks. Class four is our open and altered. Big blocks, small blocks, bring it, run it and we'll let you run it," Farris said.

He also explained the biggest class and the competition of these events.

"Of course our class five out there is our diesel class. If you have a diesel truck, four wheel drive and you want to see if it can make through 300 feet of mud come on out, bring it out and get dirty," Farris said.

"With every single mud bog, whether it be in Delta or whether it be here in the Interior in North Pole it all depends on who shows up whose going to be top dog."