Local Home damaged by Fire


A late Monday evening structure fire on the city's Southside caused moderate damage to a two–story home.
Fairbanks City Fire and Rescue officials got the call just before 6 p.m. responding to 1235 Wildrose Avenue.
When fire fighters arrived, they entered the dwelling and found fire in the kitchen.
The Fire was brought under control and extinguished within minutes, however, flames had extended into the attic and damaged parts of the roof as well.
No one was seriously injured in the fire, but one of the occupants received minor burns to their hands while trying to extinguish the fire.
Investigators say the fire was most likely caused by a pan of cooking oil left on the kitchen stove.
ERNIE MISEWICZ, ASST. FIRE CHIEF/ FBKS. FIRE DEPT. told Newscenter 11 "A lot of times what happens is that people will start cooking and will walk out of the kitchen to answer the phone or watch something on TV or something that will distract someone. And it only just takes a matter of seconds before whatever they are cooking can catch on fire. So basically we tell people that if you have to leave the kitchen, turn the stove off, take the pan off the burner, and if you're in there and you're cooking and for some reason the pan catches on fire don't try to move it. Take a pot lid or a pan lid and put it on to smother the fire and call 9–1–1."