Local Gold Star Wife breakfasts with the President


More than 200 buglers and trumpeters gathered at Arlington National Cemetery to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the composing of "Taps"  this past weekend.

Maria Sutherland is a gold star wife from Fort Wainwright, meaning she lost a family member who was deployed.

Her husband Steven was killed in 2005 while serving in Iraq.

Since then, she has attended the TAPS ceremony in Washington D. C. each year.

However, she didn't see the ceremony this time, because she was one of about a hundred people invited to have breakfast with the President and First Lady.

There were ten tables with ten people at each one,  and she didn't think he'd actually stop by hers.

But he did. 

"When he came up to me,  I didn't know what he was going to say so he comes up to me and he's like so who are we honoring today? And I told him we're honoring my husband Steven Sutherland, and he gave me a hug and he thanked me for our service and our sacrifice and then as he was leaving again he turned around for some reason and came back and gave me another hug, and I was like, wow," she said.