Local Dance Studio Makes History in Los Angeles

(Photo Courtesy Boivin Photography) 

A local dance studio was invited to an International Dance festival called, Dance Excellence in Los Angeles.

Those students returned this weekend from a week of dance education, and they came back with more than memories.

Seven of the students were chosen to become a part of The Young Americans, a group that teaches music and entertainment to students in the United States and other parts of the world.

A great honor for the students and an emotional time for the teachers, Mayson McDaniel, Omar Canedo, Jed Paneak, Dahsn Walsh, Skyler Hakel, Marta Soderlund,and  Chantel Smallwood made history in the selection process.

Executive Director, Dianne Christiansen said, “When it was all over I talked to Bill Brawley who is the Director of the Young Americans program. He said, ‘We have never ever in the history of the Young Americans done this, pulled seven students from one studio.’"