Local Dance Studio headed to the City of Dreams

Tonight, students from a local dance studio are boarding a plane to the City of Dreams.

Los Angeles is hosting the annual Dance Excellence International Dance festival.

Invitation only, Dance Theatre Fairbanks has received theirs and has been rehearsing for weeks to represent the state of Alaska at the festival.

Students from the local studio will compete and learn with students from across the globe.

The Newscenter spoke to program director Jay Howe, a former professional dancer with Disney who said the students have worked hard to get here.

He said, “I like seeing the kids say, you know what I don't have to say oh we're pretty good for Fairbanks. I'd rather say we're pretty good; we're awesome, not just for Fairbanks but that we are awesome.”

Some students will even be able to apply for the program The Young Americans, another invite only performance education program.