Local boy needs help

Parker Merrifield is an extraordinary young 18 year old, who has numerous accolades to his credit.
He has received numerous air awards for his involvement with the Civil Air Patrol, and just recently Congressman Don Young nominated him for entrance into the Air Force Academy.
Then Parker contracted a rare form of cancer, resulting in 8 surgeries and intense chemotherapy.
Doctors feel confident they have eliminated the cancer but now the medical expenses are overwhelming his family.

Mike Ferguson is one of the people trying to raise money for the young man.

'"Friends of the Civil Air Patrol, and friends of young Parker Merrifield are going to have a fundraiser for his family this weekend.
It's a barbeque at the curling center
down near the Carlson Center.
It'll be a good cause and we'll have a lot of fun and it will be for a great cause."