Local authorities say no evidence supports claims made by Barbour

Satanic Cult claims and a reported killing spree have brought much attention to Interior Alaska.

A former North Pole Resident who is currently in custody at the Northumberland County Jail in Pennsylvania made these claims over the weekend after her involvement in a brutal Pennsylvania murder.

19-year-old Miranda 'dean' Barbour claimed she was part of a 'satanic cult' in the area and participated in at least 22 murders.

Officials say their records indicate the contrary.

North Pole Police Lt. Chad Rathbun said, "We have some small records, basically that she existed here. We don't have any type of law enforcement records or criminal records. But again, it appears she departed the city of North Pole in about 1998 which would have made her 5 or 6 years old."

Police have begun the process of looking back through their records to the claims of ‘cult’ behavior in and around North Pole and say, “We don't have any reports of that type of behavior and going into, even the outskirts of it of animal sacrifices and graffiti and that type of thing we just don't have any of that here."

The case has generated National Attention with journalists from as far as the UK visiting North Pole inquiring about the case and the reports.

Officials in Pennsylvania have contacted Alaska State Troopers who released a statement regarding the case.

Trooper Spokeswoman Megan Peters told the Newscenter via telephone, "We will follow up on any credible lead that is provided to us. At this time AKST are not aware of any information beyond Barbour's comments quoted in the press or evidence that would implicate Barbour with a homicide committed in Alaska."