Lindaas and Flaharty win Two-Way Torture Test

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FAIRBANKS-The Pump House Restaurant was the site, start and finish location of the Two-Way Torture Test. Two person teams take off in opposite directions to complete a 13.1 mile race.
In less than an hour and a half finishers approached the tape.

The top men's finisher was Jakob Lindaas coming in at 1:22:46. About two minutes later Ted Alder was the runner up in 1:25:13. The first women to finish was Davya Flaharty who was third overall in 1:27:49.

The unofficial team winners for the two person team who endured the torture together was Alder and Dana Fjare who was coming off a win at the Annihilator. The top dudes for the two men team were Team Guy on a Buffalo.

The overall winner Lindaas talks about winning this race even though it was first time on the trail.

"I've never been on this course our even this part of Fairbanks before so I kind of just took it easy little bit up the first hill and then once I was pretty sure there weren't any more big hills coming I kind of let my legs roll it in and I had a lot of fun," Lindaas said.

Flaharty, who is a veteran local racer, had to come up with a plan with her partner to figure which way to go before the race started.

"Well my partner and I didn't know which direction we were going to until five minutes before. We couldn't decide," Flaharty said. "So it was basically a rock, paper, scissors and we decided to go our routes. I took the gradual uphill route and screamed down the backside of Chena Ridge and that's pretty fun."