Limited North American Results

FAIRBANKS, Ak-The Limited North American Championships concluded over the weekend. A lot of dog mushers and skijors in the Interior gearing up for the big GCI Open North American and the IFSS World Championships this weekend starting on Friday in Downtown Fairbanks along second avenue.

But the results of the Limited North American could be an indication of who the favorites are for this weekend.

Norway's Yvette Hoel who was a big winner in the IFSS World Championships won the 6.2 mile skijoring event. Lena Hillestad, an IFSS champion, won the 4-dog 6.2 mile race. Jessica Doherty, another IFSS Champion representing the US, took the top spot in the 8 mile 6-dog class race. Christian Taveau won the 12 mile 8-dog class race.