Legal Professionals offer free advice to Fairbanks Community

FAIRBANKS, Ak - It has become an annual tradition for legal professionals in the Fairbanks community as those seeking legal guidance received free advice today at the Rabinowitz Courthouse.

The project is a joint public service project by the Alaska Bar Association, the Alaska Court System, Tanana Valley Bar Association the UAF Community and Technical College paralegal studies program.

Lawyers today answered initial questions regarding Medicare/Medicaid, evictions, child custody, divorce, rental properties and Social Security among other topics.

The intent behind the day was not to seek new clientele, but rather to guide those unfamiliar with legal arrangements and proceedings through, what can be, an extremely complicated process.

"I love being able to provide services and help the community and I think a lot of us feel that way," said Desiree Gauges, a UAF paralegal student. "There's a lot of speculation about the justice system, you know, like they're really not out to help the people, but you are, you're there to help and guide and do what you can."