Lawsuit filed against The Tanana Valley State Fair

The Carnival Company that has provided the attractions at the Tanana Valley State Fair since 1967 is suing the organization.

Golden Wheel Amusement, also known as The Legacy Group, filed a lawsuit against the Tanana Valley State Fair in early August, citing breach of contract.

The suit comes after Fair Management and employees arranged for other attractions to be at the 2013 Fair which the company claims violated the terms of their agreement.

The owners of the Company state that they do hope to be able to continue their relationship with the Fair and hope to amicably settle the dispute outside of court in negotiations set to happen in the next week.

However, if an agreement is not made, they are prepared to move forward with the lawsuit and possibly not return in the coming year.

This is not the first issue the Tanana Valley State Fair has had in recent months; On September 15th, one of the Office Buildings at the Fairgrounds was broken into during the night.

Alaska State Troopers are still investigating the case but according to Trooper Spokeswoman Megan Peters, it is unclear what, if anything, was stolen although the office was confirmed to have been vandalized at the time of the incident.