Lawmakers talk about gasline legislation

At a press conference today in Juneau, lawmakers said it appears a bill to get a natural gas pipeline built is suddenly on a fast track.


It's expected to move out of the resources committee this week.

Members of the senate minority say they were asked last Friday to prepare amendments to a bill that they haven't even done an overview on yet.

Senator Hollis French said there's no quicker way to derail a mega project than to move to fast to get it done.

He said "The Blackin beach report shows the projects out of money. The Blackin beach report shows there are other projects around the world that will fill the capacity of the world's demand before our supply comes on line. we've got questions about TransCanada's role in this project and whether they help create alignment or create misalignment. There was an op ed piece yesterday in the Anchorage paper making that point and so our, our caution is to slow down, take your time, think about it a couple time over cause it's a massive massive multiyear project."