Lathrop sweeps all schools cross country meet

FAIRBANKS-Yesterday at the North Star Golf Course Interior teams raced in an All-Schools Meet. The Lathrop Malemutes swept the girls and boys races. Taking sports 1,3,5 and 6 on both squads.

Megan Kubichek led Lathrop ladies with a 9:37 second finish in the 2,500 meter race. West Valley's Jenna Difolco was second in 9:42 and Brooke Lizotte came in at third 9:49 for the Malemutes.

For the guys Sam King was first for Lathrop with a 7:58 second run. Max Donaldson was second for the Wolfpack in 8:07. Keegan Ragan was third for Lathrop in 8:22.

This weekend at the Palmer Invite everyone will be there including most, if not all of West Valley's varsity. Most of them didn't run yesterday. Lathrop seems anxious to run against West Valley's best.

"It motivates us a lot more. We definitely feel almost an insult when they send just their JV to compete against us. It's like we don't send just our JV football team to a West Valley Varsity football game," King said. "We're here to compete."
Kubicheck had to push herself to the finish and passed Lizotte do it but with Lizotte's blessing. She told Kubicheck to go ahead. Kubicheck says that's an example of the team that is forming for Lathrop girls.

"They were a lot of points in the race where I thought I was going to die, but at the end there was still a little left." Kubicheck added, "I thinkwere coming out together really well. We're all a family, so that just makes it even better and even more fun."
"It's just kind of for us, you know, a way to kind of light the fire, so to speak," Lathrop cross country head coach Kevin Brinegar said. "This is going to be the regional course, so we wanted to come out and have a good solid effort and solid finishes. So, I think they accomplished that today."