Lathrop students host First Friday

Tomorrow evening a First Friday Event will be hosted by a local high school.

Lathrop High School art students will be finishing their annual art projects by hosting the event to showcase them at the S Salon.

Each year the art students, for their final projects, put together the show.

It's a lot of work as each student prepares to price their work, discuss it, and defend it to the public.

Teacher and artist Margaret Donat said, ““In the beginning its kind of hard for them because art is really kind of personal and it’s hard to stand by your art and hear people comments after about the first half hour everybody is always really positive with them and ask them lots of questions ask them to explain things and then they loosen up and it becomes really fun that they may talk about for the whole rest of the year.”

They have the chance to not only graduate with a good grade, but they also can sell their first work of art at an official gala and feel what it is like to be a professional artist.